Orthopedic Heated Pet Bed - Medium ID-4013
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  •    For Dogs up to 25 Pounds
  •    Measures 17" x 27"
  •    Recommended for year-round indoor use.
  •    Dual thermostats keep temperature to a comfortable 102°.
  •    Removable heater for washing.
  •    Limited one-year warranty.

Soothing Heat and Orthopedic Support.
The Orthopedic Heated Pet Bed has Dual thermostats to regulate the temperature of the heater buried deep
within 2 layers of plush super soft orthopedic foam. The heater keeps the surface of the plush faux lambskin
cover at a warm and cozy 102°. Features include a removable heater which makes this bed a year round pet

The cover is removable for washing. This heated dog bed is recommended for indoor use only. Operates on
normal household current. Cover is completely washable. This heated pet bed does not get hot to the touch.
It's specifically designed to gently warm when your pet lies on it, the warmth gradually radiates through the
surface of the bed.
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Orthopedic Heated Pet Bed - Medium