Snoozer Bolster Dog Bed Small SN-13720
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The Small Snoozer Bolster Dog Bed pampers your dog with an incredibly soft round bolster pet bed. This
quality dog bed features a removable bolster for convenient machine washing and drying.

Snoozer Bolster Beds are manufactured especially to give the most comfort to your dog. The Snoozer Round
Bolster pet bed is stuffed with a premium spun spring-wound stuffing for maximum loft making certain your
pet will always be comfy every time he uses his bed. Micro fiber Ultra Water-proof fabrics clean easy and
attracts much less dirt. Cedar bits provide long-lasting freshness. Available in 33 amazing fabric colors.  
Size: 20" Diameter.
Fabric Choices:

Anthracite        Black                 Bobcat Pink     Buckskin          Butter                Cafe                      

Camel                Coffee              Dark Choclate  Hot Fudge        Toro Gold         Toro Cocoa          

Navy                  Olive                 Peat                   Pink                   Red                  Saddle                         

Shona Brown  Shona Granite  Suki Pecan        
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Snoozer Bolster Bed - Small