Snoozer Cozy Cave - Large SN-87100
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  •    Extra Large - 35" Diameter - pets up to 85 lbs
  •    Faux sheepskin pocket for snuggling
  •    Washable poly-cotton fabric
  •    Filled with fine spun polyester and cedar.

The Original Snoozer Cosy Cave Dog Bed is available at a Great Price and with our Unmatched Money Back
Guarantee! This is one of the most popular pet beds on Internet ... and we have it at the BEST prices!

The Cosy Cave Dog Bed has a sheepskin pocket designed so that small pets can snuggle within the comfort
of a faux sheepskin pocket. A support keeps the top cover in place so it can be easily entered. The Cosy
Cave Dog Bed features a washable poly-cotton fabric for the top outside fabric, bottom and sidewall, Faux
lambs wool top and inside cover, sturdy brass zipper on the outside cover and inside liner of this dog bed is
filled with fine spun polyester and cedar.

Cosy Cave Dog Bed Fabrics
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Snoozer Cozy Cave - Large