Rendezvous Double Raised Dog Bowl - Small Green RDB21G
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  •    Size: 17" L x 8.5" W x 5.5" H
  •    1 Quart Capacity
  •    Wrought iron provides sturdy construction
  •    Block style wooden top adds a luxurious look.
  •    Two stainless steel bowls
  •    Bowls detach for easy cleaning

Our Rendezvous Raised Dog Bowls are a bright, hip new diner with a shiny wood top and sturdy tube-style
wrought iron frame.

This elevated dog bowl features non-skid plastic tips on the legs. Put some pep in your dogs step with this
fresh and fun dog feeder! Elevated dining prevents stress to neck & back, promotes better posture and aids
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Rendezvous Double Raised Dog Bowl - Small/Green