Large Lookout Dog Car Seat SN-80003
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  • 19" H x 30" W x 17" D - For larger pets up to 30 lbs - or for multiple pet buddies.
  • Comfortable foam
  • Lambs wool interior with nylon quilt exterior
  • Remove the outer quilt and interior faux lambs wool to wash it
  • Storage tray for added convenience
  • Seat belt slot for security. Includes two connection straps to join seat belt and harness

The Snoozer Large Dog Car Seat at a Great Price!
The Snoozer Large Dog Car Seat at a Great Price!
Give 'em a boost! The Snoozer Large pet car seat is designed for larger pets (up to 30 lbs) - or for multiple
pet buddies. The large dog car seat will boost your pet up 9 inches from your car's backseat so they can see
what's going on.

Provide your pets the perfect place to ride together while on the move. Perfect for owners who own
multiple pets, this dog car seat is made with a lamb's wool interior to provide your pets with a cozy place to
travel. For added convenience, there is a storage compartment for all of your pets needs. An optional
Lookout Travel Rack allows your pet to have food and water while on the go - it snaps on the front of your
Pet Car Seat and allows your pet to eat and drink while enjoying the ride.

The Large Pet Car Seat comes with 2 straps and cream sherpa top interior. Requires a rear seat belt length
of 44".

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Large Lookout Dog Car Seat

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