Deluxe Small Pet Pen ID-94124
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  •    For pets up to 45 pounds
  •    Dimensions: 35.5" x 24"  24"
  •    Beautiful hardwood construction
  •    Includes Wire Top & Floor Tray
  •    Perfect pet pen for temporary containment
  •    Interlocking corners for extra frame support
  •    Lightweight and durable
  •    Wire door for safe and easy removal of pet
  •    Easy assembly

Imagine this beautifully crafted pen in your home.
The Large Pet Pen has all of the safety features required to ensure your pet feels safe and secure in his-her
own special space.

From the slide-locking front door, wire top and plastic floor tray that protects your floor surfaces from
staining and scratch marks, this pet pen definitely adds a touch of elegance to any home decor.

The pens beautiful hardwood construction compliments other fine wood furniture. Inter-locking corners
provide extra frame support. Front wire door allows for easy pet access. The removable wire top allows for
easy pet access while the floor tray protects floors from scratching and stains.
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Deluxe Small Pet Pen