Oak End Table Pet Crate - Large ID-52166
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  •    27" H x 24" W x 36" D
  •    Solid oak
  •    Waterproof crate floor
  •    Door opens in or out
  •    Finishes Available:
  •   Cherry
  •   Mahogany
  •   Burnished Oak

A Solid Oak Pet Crate With Style.
This handcrafted solid oak pet crate is available in beautiful Mahogany Burnishe Oak or Cherry finishes.
More than just a dog crate, its a piece of fine furniture.

This pet home is just the right size for your dog's favorite pet bed or crate pad and is perfect as an end table
in you family room or bedroom. You don't have to settle for the same old plastic or wire pet crates anymore.
With plenty of ventilation and a door latch, this pet crate keeps your pet safe night and day.

Even though this is a solid oak wood pet crate, you won't have to worry about clean-up. The easy to clean
Extira™ waterproof crate floor eliminates the absorption of liquids and odors. Access for you and your pet is
simple too. A swinging door contains your pet at nighttime or lets him come and go. The door can also swing
inside so it's out of the way.

Because we care deeply about the environment, our customers and your pets, all of our finishes are Water
Based, Formaldehyde Free, Lead Free, Chromate Free, Low VOC/HAPS Free. With the continuing
proliferation of lesser quality imported products, it is important to distinguish the true value of purchasing
quality products that are Made in the USA.
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Oak End Table Pet Crate - Large