Petego Mesh Pet Barrier PE-MEBARR
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The Mesh Barrier by Emanuele Bianchi Design. This is the ideal solution for keeping your pet from
getting in the front through your bucket seat.

Made of durable nylon mesh, this pet barrier is fastened to the front seats thanks to resistant nylon belts
and reinforced with removable fiberglass rods to maintain structure and stability. The quick release buckles
make the barrier detachable in seconds. Made of durable nylon mesh. This pet barrier can be used alone or
with the Walky Guard Pet Barrier to provide maximum protection for you and your pet.


  •    Dimensions: 54" x 26"
  •    Durable mesh car barrier
  •    Reinforced with fiberglass rod frame
  •    Completely adjustable to fit standard vehicles
  •    Easily removed and stowed when not in use
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Petego Mesh Pet Barrier