Sport Wagon Pet Bag PE-SWB
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The Sport Wagon Pet Bag is an Airline approved pet carrier.
The Sport Wagon Bag is one of our
sportiest and safest pet carriers.

It can be opened or closed from inside with an easy Velcro lock, it has large rear, front and sides pockets,
wide top opening, safety leash, honeycomb polypropylene bottom panel, built-in reflectors, ultra light
structure, 4x4 buckle system, handler and a wide shoulder strap. It can also be used with the STS (sport trike
stroller), the USBBC (a bike connection for city bikes), the USBBL (a bike connection for mountain bikes) and
the USBMB (the motorbike connection). SWB comes with a comfort mat included.


  •    Size: 20" L x 11" W x 10" H - for pets up to 20 pounds
  •    Airline-approved pet carrier- check with your airline for restrictions
  •    Sporty and safe pet carrier
  •    Large pockets all around for extra storage
  •    Wide opening and rigid bottom for pet safety and comfort
  •    Wide shoulder strap for your comfort
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Sport Wagon Pet Bag