Velvet Bitty Bag Pet Carrier PE-VEBI
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Emanuele Bianchi Designed Velvet Bitty Bag presents a very accommodating and attractive pet carrier. The
Velvet Bitty Bag is a very accommodating and attractive shoulder pet carrier, ideal for small pets under 16-

The color combinations include, Espresso exterior/Stone interior, Sage exterior/Stone interior or Stone
exterior/Sage interior. Any choice is sure to compliment any pallet. Inside the Bitty Bag is a safety leash that
snaps on to your friend’s collar with ease. This pet carrier serves as a great addition for bringing your small
companion with you everywhere you go.


  •    Measures 16" x 9.75" x 10.75"
  •    Fashionable and comfortable pet carrier bag
  •    Safety leash
  •    Adjustable straps
  •    Padded handle
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Expresso/Stone interior
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Velvet Bitty Bag

Sage/Stone interior