Velvet Lenis Pack Pet Carrier PE-VEPACK
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Classy Front/Back Pack pet carrier in Velvet Espresso, Stone or Sage colors with easy to use velcro
The Velvet Front/Backpack pet carrier by Emanuele Bianchi Design is a great way to carry around
your best friend everywhere you go.

Your pup fits snug inside and the adjustable straps let you wear this bag as a front, or back pack. The hood
of the Lenis Bag is designed to let your happy companion peek their head out, and take in the fresh air.

The safety leash inside the bag ensures your pet stays put in the carrier and for short rests, the carrier can
be placed on its back, and doubles as a small pet house. This is good for short breaks, and stretch time for
you, and your pet.


  •    Size: 10" x 14" x 7.5"
  •    Fashionable and comfortable pet carrier
  •    Adjustable straps
  •    Transforms into a portable small dog house
  •    Can be carried on front or back
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Velvet Lenis Pack Pet Carrier