Auto Lock Pressure Pet Gate PG-35/B
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  •    Height 29 3/4"
  •    Width is adjustable 29" to 33 1/4"
  •    Bar Spacing 2 1/2"
  •    Automatically locks when closed
  •    Simple to install: can be operational in minutes (no screws necessary)
  •    Easy to use: one hand operation
  •    Quickly remove: mobile and can be installed in multiple locations
  •    Sleek, rugged steel construction
  •    Colors available: White, Black and Wood Tone
  •    Pet Gate Extensions Available - Choose 5" or 10" for openings 38" to 43"

The Auto Lock Pressure Pet Gate is perfect for high-traffic areas! Our new Auto-Lock Pressure Dog Gate
features a superior latch system for safety and convenience.

True to its name, this gate automatically locks when closed and, because it requires no hardware, is easily
portable from room to room.
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Auto Lock Pressure Pet Gate