Expandable Pet Gate EX5/B
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  •    Width adjustable to 85 inches
  •    Height 29 1/2"
  •    Bar Spacing 2 1/2"
  •    Available in Black or White

The Cardinal Gates Extendable Pet Gate, is the ideal straight-line gate. At a maximum width of 85 inches, it
can span wide, open areas.

This dog gate brilliantly combines our most popular gate, the Stairway Special, with 2 width extensions, a
special hinge and stabilizing T-bar to form the reliable Extendable Gate. The Extendable Gate features a
latch system that baffles toddlers yet allows one-hand operation for adults. With all-aluminum construction,
the gate is lightweight yet sturdy. A powder-coated finish provides a long lasting, easy-to-clean surface and
is available in White or Black.
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Expandable Pet Gate