One Touch Pet Gate 94118
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  •    34.5" High
  •    Fits doorways or hallways from 28.3" to 35.8" wide
  •    Tension mount design keeps gate securely in place
  •    Door opens in both directions for easy access
  •    Gate handle locks or unlocks with one hand
  •    Rubber feet protect wall surfaces
  •    Hardwood construction
  •    1 1/2" space between wood spindles
  •    Wood spindle size is 5/8"
  •    Gate Door opening is 16 1/4" wide

Easy installation plus opens with only one hand.
At one time or another, we all need control our pet's access to certain areas of the home.

If your kitchen is full of irresistible delights, or you have other rooms off limits to your pet , this gate
provides an attractive yet sturdy solution to prevent your dog's access to the desired area. This pet gate is
tall enough, at almost 3' high, and sturdy enough to support your pet's weight should he lean against it.

This expandable pet gate installs quickly and easily in a doorway or hallway using tension mounted rubber
feet. The adjustment knob makes installation a breeze, while the rubber feet protect your surfaces from
damage. The One Touch Locking Gate opens with one hand using the thumb operated handle.

The gate door allows you to move freely from room to room. The "one-touch" handle design provides the
option of opening/closing the gate with one hand. Lockable gate door provides additional pet security.
Available in either Autumn Matte, Mahogany or White to compliment any decor.
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One Touch Pet Gate

Autumn Matte