Stairway Special Outdoor Pet Gate SS-30OD/B
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  •    Width is adjustable 27" to 42 1/2"
  •    Height 29 1/2"
  •    Bar Spacing 2 1/2"
  •    All stainless steel hardware
  •    Pet Gate Extensions
           10 1/2 available for openings 42 1/4" to 53"
           21 3/4 available for openings 42 1/2" to 64"
  •    Available in White, Black, and Brown

The Stairway Special Outdoor Pet Gate is our maximum safety gate. Great for decks! No other pet gate works
as well for outdoor use. This pet gate is constructed of aluminum which is lighter weight than steel and has
all stainless steel hardware - no plastic parts.

It’s rustproof! Designed for the top of a stairway but great for all areas. Features include a latch system that
baffles toddlers yet allows one hand operation for adults, and an optional stop bracket prevents opening
over a stairway for greater safety. The Stairway Special Outdoor Gate will mount at angles up to 30 degrees.
A powder-coated finish provides a long lasting, easy-to-clean surface and is available in White, Black, and
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Stairway Special Outdoor Pet Gate